Monday, May 3, 2010

You Look Fine, Really

You Look Fine, Really by Christie Mellor

I'm not sure exactly what category this book falls into . . . beauty, fashion, life advice, humor?? All of those, really. It's a really fun read - it reminded me in a lot of ways of reading some of my favorite bloggers: lots of wit and wisdom.

When you are a woman who has reached a certain point in life - say, 40ish (ahem), according to the author, it is not necessarily time to become subtle and understated. It may just be time to buy yourself a fabulous red lipstick, throw a dinner party (even if you've never thrown a dinner party before), wear a ball gown to said dinner party (even if you've never worn a ball gown), paint your living room Tangerine, and take hula lessons. The point is, life is not over at 40 - not by a long shot. There is still much to learn, much to do, much to enjoy, and much to celebrate - namely, YOU.

The book is choc full of recipes (for things like A Perfect Martini and Chutney Meatloaf), instructions on things like How To Sew Yourself an E-Z Ballerina Cocktail Frock (the author regularly says "frock" instead of "dress," which just sounds a lot more fun, don't you think?) and How to Build a Campfire (a skill every woman should have, apparently), and tips on things like making your own facial scrub.

And also just practical life advice, like getting enough sleep, how to throw yourself a birthday party (instead of waiting around for someone else to do it for you), celebrating your friends' successes, and so on. Probably my favorite little nugget:

"For many years - too many years - I had convinced myself that I was not 'successful.' I had not attained whatever it was that I had made up in my head that I should have attained by a given age, so therefore, somehow, I was kind of a loser. But at some point, preferably before the age of ninety-five, you really need to have a cold, hard look at what the heck you have been doing for the last forty or fifty years. Have you been learning stuff? Are you interested in learning new stuff? Have you become friends with some good people? Do your friends love you, and do you love them? Do you laugh on a regular basis? Are you excited about what's coming next? Then you're a very, very successful person. Stay engaged, stay interested, and don't forget to celebrate yourself and your successes, great and small, as often as possible!"

So true! I really enjoyed this book.

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