Saturday, May 22, 2010


Burned is the 7th book in the House of Night series written by author P.C. Cast and her daughter, Kristin Cast. It is part of the ever growing Young Adult Vampyre trend; almost a genre of it’s own these days.
The end of book 6 left us wondering what would happen to Zoey Redbird, Fledgling Vampyre High Priestess, whose soul was shattered when she witnessed the killing of her human consort and childhood friend/boyfriend, Heath.  We soon find out that there are only 7 days to bring Zoey back from the Otherworld and it’s up to Aphrodite, Stark and Stevie Rae to figure out how. 
Of course, no one has ever been brought back from the Otherworld successfully, so leave it to these teenaged vampyre fledglings to figure it all out on their own.
The good?  The imprinting between Raven Mocker, Rephraim and Red Vampire Goddess, Stevie Rae looks like it could be a pretty interesting story line.  Light and Darkness, good and evil … I’m all for that hook up and how they will get through it.  But we will have to wait for another book in the series to run with that because it wasn’t covered in Book 7.
I’ll even admit to somewhat liking Aphrodite, who has been a darker influence in books past.  She is coming into her own as a human prophetess and I kind of like her “no BS” attitude.
The bad?  All kinds of bad in my opinion, (and I waited til I was done reading to check the reviews of others … many were not happy either).  I’m not picky about the way a book is written, but I have found I am not fond of a book written from multiple character POVs.  This book changes perspective way too often for my taste.
The second big bad point for me?  The language.  Now I have a potty mouth, but these are 17 year old kids talking like preteens just learning how to curse! Kind of made me laugh when the scene was supposed to keep me in anticipation.
I own the series complete so far and the books are up for grabs if you’re interested.  Honestly, the first few were pretty good if you can allow yourself to pass over some typos, and if you can keep in mind that these are Young Adult Romance Novels.

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