Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Three Martini Playdate

The Three Martini Playdate by Christie Mellor

Doesn't the title just shout Adult Fun?! Although the book isn't really about booze-soaked playdates, it is about righting the balance in a world where tots have come to rule the roost. We're the parents - the adults! - and we were here first, for goodness sake! It's time to take back our lives (at least to a degree), some authority, and to stop feeling guilty for having and pursuing adult interests.

This is another book by the same author of You Look Fine, Really. I love her wicked sense of humor. And although this book is written very tongue-in-cheek, she definitely speaks the truth about the absurdity of some notions of parenthood in these modern times, such as parents who won't say "no" to their child for fear of breaking his little spirit, babyproofing a house to the point where every object with a corner is covered in foam padding, feeling it necessary to fill up every waking moment of our children's time with enriching activities, and allowing our children's social lives to squeeze the life out of our own.

A sampling of chapter titles:
  • Saying No to Your Child: It's a Kick!
  • Bedtime: Is Five Thirty Too Early?
  • Child Labor: Not Just For the Third World!
  • "Children's Music": Why?
  • Karate, Little League, and Ballet: Your Child's Eighty-hour Work Week
On the subject of playdates, the author has this to say:

". . . I have discovered and easy and fun solution for weeding out the types of parents with whom you would rather not share your afternoons. When forced into a playdate situation, invite the parents over around the cocktail hour. The cocktail hour may be an hour, more or less, around four o'clock, at which time I suggest you noisily and with much gusto mix up a cold batch of martinis. This is a surefire method of separating the wheat from the chaff, the cream from the nondairy soy alternative. If, after you have offered drinks all around, the visiting parents quickly gather the child and child-related paraphernalia and run silently from your house, enjoy your martini with the knowledge that these people were not the sort with whom you would want to embark upon a long-term playdate relationship. If, however, their eyes light up and sighs of relief can be heard (as well as faintly audible whimpering noises), you may have the beginning of a workable alliance."


I'm keeping this one. And I think it would make the perfect gift for new parents!

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