Sunday, July 19, 2009

Water for Elephants

Um, it's completely obvious I stole that image from Amazon, isn't it!?

Anyway. My mom read this book in her book club and she really liked it.

I read it - and I really liked it, too. I really connected to it, it was touching and compelling. My brother read it and he was disappointed, 'Well, it didn't really go anywhere."

And that's true - it doesn't go very far, but I really like a touch of history in my books, and this was an easy, enjoyable read.

The book bounces back & forth between a man in a current day nursing home and his time with a traveling circus as a young man, during the Great Depression. The thing is, I hate circuses. They seem dirty and cruel - but this really opened my eyes as to how circus's used to be - when they were rare and entertaining (and dirty and dangerous). Book summary on Amazon.

If anyone hasn't read this book yet and would like to, just holler!


  1. Eh, I read this a couple years ago and didn't get what all the hype was. Sorry, Michelle! Glad you liked it :)

    Datri/Ecki, I'm trying to add you as a contributor. I sent you an email.

    Michelle, I steal all my book images from Amazon and Barnes & Noble! B & N has better images.

  2. I'm reading this book right now, actually. I'm enjoying it but it's weird and disturbing and sometimes I feel woozy while reading it and have to put it down.

    I. hate. circuses. Now more than ever.

  3. There's a fairly big/famous circus museum in Wisconsin - I'm morbidly curious to go visit it, after reading this book.

  4. I enjoyed this book also, and have a tendency toward the historical type of novel. I actually listened to the audio version and the narrator was great. I thought it would make a wonderful movie. The only dissapointment for me was the ending. I thought it was a tad cheesy and not very plausible, although I'll forgive the author of that since I enjoyed the rest so much.