Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Expecting Adam by Martha Beck (memoir)

Expecting Adam by Martha Beck: Several friends have recommended this book to me over the last year since Finn was born, because it's an account of a woman's experience having a baby with Down syndrome. I have mixed feelings about the book: it was engrossing and kept me turning the pages, and I loved the author's wit and sarcasm. However, I have to say that this book is more about what the author perceives to be paranormal experiences than it is about having a child with Down syndrome. The Down syndrome aspect seems to be secondary - which may have been the author's intent. I am a complete skeptic - disbeliever! - about the paranormal and supernatural, so I read about her experiences with a grain of salt. It was entertaining, but not life-altering for me. Her espousal of the notion that her son with Down syndrome is otherworldly bothers me, but that's just me. There were many passages in the book that moved me and brought tears to my eyes, and I think the messages of acceptance and taking one's life into one's own hands and claiming one's own happiness are powerful messages.

This book was passed along to me by Chrystal, and she has given me the go-ahead to pass it along, so if you want it, just say the word :)

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  1. I read the book soon after Kayla was born. I thought it was interesting, although I do remember doing a lot of eye-rolling through it, though. The paranormal stuff was just a wee bit out there for me!