Monday, June 29, 2009

Read and Ready: A Midwife's Story

I love that we have a re-posting already! It tells me that we're doing something right.

Not long ago, Lisa posted her review of A Midwife's Story by Penny Armstrong and I took her up on the offer to read the book.

It's a pretty quick and interesting read, so even I was able to complete it in a decent amount of time.

I'm glad that I don't live within driving distance of Amish country right now because I'd probably start stalking them or something after reading this book. I love learning about other cultures. A few years ago, while I was on a week-long training for work, I stayed in Lancaster and even went on a buggy tour of an Amish community, including an actual home. Penny's description of her life birthing Amish babies and becoming friends with many in the community was fascinating to me and sparked my interest all over again.

This book also struck a chord because I've been interested in learning about more natural approaches to giving birth. I don't know what I'll do if I ever give birth again, but I do like being informed and hearing different perspectives.

I believe Megan would like to read this next. If so, email me and I'll get it right to you.

If Megan would like to pass at this time, it can go to the next interested party.


  1. So glad you liked the book! I have a few other midwife memoirs in my queu right now . . .

  2. aUH THE JOYs of giving birth sadly or happy enough to announce that baby making days are over. I have 4 and that's more than enough for me.
    THanks for the visit