Monday, July 5, 2010

eReader Reviews: Nook

This is a review of the Nook, Barnes & Noble's eReader, by my friend, Caryl:

I am in love with an electronic device. Sad, but true. My Nook has been my constant companion since my classroom parents gave it to me at the end of the school year. The only issue I have with the Nook is that I cannot understand why the manufacturer did not put a backlight feature on the screen to allow the Nook to be read in the dark. This is the most glaring omission I have found. Additionally, it was rather expensive and did not come with a cover, which is absolutely necessary to protect the Nook from damage.

I love the fact that my Nook is so user friendly. A monkey could figure out how to use it. I really like how easy it is to download books. I hate when I find out about a good book and I am all gung ho to read it and the store is out. Then I have to order it and wait. I am not good at waiting. With my Nook, I just download it and in about 15 seconds, voila, I have my book. The prices are very reasonable too! At first, I was very concerned that I would not like reading electronically. I do not like reading on the computer and always print out the documents I need to read. For, example, if I am proof-reading my report card comments, it is difficult for me to be accurate without having the actual paper copy to read. I feared that reading on the Nook would be a similar problem for me. I almost did not open it so I could return it, even though I had been dying to have one for a while. My husband talked me into giving it a try. It feels just like reading a book. I love that I can adjust the font size for my old eyes too!

The only thing that really upsets me about having a Nook is that now my husband feels there is no longer a reason for me to have an iPad. Rats!

Thanks, Caryl!

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  1. Thanks for doing these reviews! I've been thinking about asking for one for my b-day.