Tuesday, July 6, 2010

eReader Reviews: Amazon Kindle

I love my Kindle ... with big red sparkly hearts kind of love!

I got it for Christmas last year.  Hubby asked what I wanted, then promptly told me it was too confusing and to order it for myself.  So I did.  I was downloading books for it before I even officially opened it as a Christmas gift ... because I was that darn excited!

and I have yet to be disappointed

I will add that my decision to buy an eReader reader was met with opposition.  Other book loving friends gave me tons of reasons why I shouldn't give in and give up the smell and feel of a brand new novel in my hands.  To be honest, I do love having a new book in my hands ... and also to be honest, I read through a book in a matter of days and then it's off to find another book to read.  I don't have the kind of time I like to invest in a visit to the bookstore to do this more than once or twice a month.  But with my Kindle?  it's all at my fingertips.

In some sense I did feel I was betraying my book lover status.  I enjoy having a book in my hands, turning the pages, noticing the imperfections in printing, and when I'm done, judging the intensity of the story by how curled the front cover is.  But the selling point for an eReader was this - I own thousands of dollars in books.  I have a closet full of books I have read, traded, enjoyed and reread.  If my house were to catch fire tomorrow, all of those books would be gone.  The books on my Kindle, however, would be a download away, I've already paid for them and they are saved for me out in "cyber-ville".  Yes, I might have to buy a new Kindle, but because I carry it in my purse everywhere I go, it is doubtful.

What I like about my Kindle: The books download quickly.  I have only found two titles that I have actively searched for (since November 2009) that have NOT been available.  I have taken my Kindle to afternoon soccer games and read with no glare issues.  and the charge lasts and lasts and L A S T S ...  I just took it with me on our 3 week vacation and only charged it once - the night before we left - because if it was gonna die, I didn't want to lose it on my 5 hour flight home!

The pricing of books is reasonable and I often compare prices.  I am not an eReader snob, I like to buy the occasional "flip the pages" books too!  There are tons of free books available as well.  Many are offered free everywhere, but some are new releases or lesser known authors trying to be read.  It has opened my eyes to genres I never would have come near otherwise.

I can access the internet on it, but it is very slow in loading some pages.  I can facebook on it, play some games, but ultimately I prefer to use it for reading.  Those are just bonus features for me.

The only complaint my 10 year old daughter has with it (because she is the one constantly borrowing it) is that there is no backlight.  Personally, the backlighting on my phone gives me a headache if I have to read from it for too long, so the absence is a pleasure for me, but I can see the need for those who don't use a reading lamp at night.

I do have to add, because I'm weird like that, Target has begun selling the Kindle in their stores ... and anyone that knows the slightest bit about me, knows I absolutely love Target too!  It was meant to be ;)

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  1. I just LOVE my Kindle! I use it a lot on my treadmill since you can make the type big and just have to click the button to turn the page. Makes a one hour workout go by in no time!