Thursday, December 3, 2009

Road Map to Holland

I read Road Map to Holland by Jennifer Graf Groneberg quite a while ago.

Don't remember the details of the book, but the journey is familiar. I remember not wanting the book to end (and I suppose technically it doesn't, since you can continue following at Pinwheels, although I think she is on a bloggy break at the moment).

Obviously as a parent of a child with Down syndrome I could relate to a lot of this book. Although the details are different we walk the same path.

I'm ready to pass my copy along, so this one's up for grabs.

(Can you see I'm getting burned out on these book reviews now, LOL. They keep getting shorter and shorter!)


  1. Wonderful, wonderful book. A friend sent it to me shortly after Finn was born, while he was still in the NICU. It was so soothing. I eventually inflicted it on my book club and had all these moms of typical kids read it. I think it's a very worthwhile read if there is anyone in your life touched by Down syndrome.

  2. I love the essay "Welcome to Holland," but I had no idea there was a book! A friend of mine just gave birth to a sweet boy with Down syndrome. Having a child with Down syndrome myself, I remember that painful early journey toward realizing that it's just another kind of normal, and I grieve for the months I lost to sorrow and fear.

    Thanks for sharing!