Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Room [novel]

Another book on seemingly every top ten list...Room by Emma Donoghue.

When I first read the synopsis of this book, the story of a girl imprisoned in an 11' x 11' room who has a child by her rapist and raises her son in that room, I was honestly horrified. The theme just struck me as so sensational and tabloid.

But when I read that the story is told through the eyes of the 5 year old son, I was curious as how the author was going to pull that off without being sensational and tabloid.

What comes across is a child's pure innocence. Even though as a reader you are completely outraged and disgusted at the whole situation, this is the only life, the only reality, the child knows. Even more amazing is how much the mother loves her kid and goes to great lengths to keep him safe, educate him (even though he has only a few books that they read over and over again), and entertain him (very creatively!). Some days I can't stand being in the same house as my kids for a minute longer, I can't imagine living 24/7 without a break in an 11' x 11' room and coming up with so many creative ideas to pass each day.

Eventually, they are rescued. The rest of the book which deals with the publicity and emotional trauma of having your world suddenly opened up.

Although sometimes the boy seemed to be a bit too precocious (would a five year old really think that?) for the most part he seemed completely believable.

I really enjoyed the book and it's a very easy read, in spite of the subject matter.

This one's on my Kindle.


  1. Another one on my to-read list . . .

  2. hmm ... gonna have to check this one out!