Monday, January 4, 2010

A Wolf at the Table

Well, author Augsten Burroughs certainly has gotten a lot of books out of his dysfunctional family! A Wolf at the Table focuses on the author's relationship, or rather lack thereof, with his father.

The story is told without Burroughs usual humor. It's pretty straightforward and very sad. Incidents from his childhood are told with such intensity it's like watching a horror movie. There's so much tension between father and son.

I can't imagine why the father, a college professor who seems so normal on the outside, could be so indifferent towards his own child. Obviously he has some sort of mental illness. And I thought his mother from Running With Scissors was crazy!

As Burroughs becomes successful, he tries in vain to connect with his father. And he fears that he is becoming too much like his father--seemingly respectable professional by day, monster by night. I wish there was a bit more about this in the book, but perhaps it is in another one of his memoirs.

Definitely not typical of this author, but worth the read.

I have this book on loan to a friend right now, but if she returns it, I'd be happy to pass it along.

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  1. I love Augusten Burroughs and have read all his books except this one, which is sitting on my shelf waiting for me. Thanks for the review!