Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Loose Girl: A Memoir of Promiscuity

Loose Girl by Kerry Cohen

Sounds titillating, eh? That's why I bought it. I was never one of those girls, but I've always been rather intrigued by those girls. What's it like? What drives them?

I mistakenly assumed that this would be a memoir of grown-up escapades, but it's actually the author's recounting of her life of promiscuity beginning as a young teen. Between the ages of roughly 15 to 25, she slept with more than 40 boys, many of them whose names she can't recall, some whose names she never knew in the first place. It was heartbreaking to read about how empty and lost she felt, and how her hunger for sex was really just a quest for love and acceptance - to feel like she mattered - things she didn't get from her parents.

It's eye-opening, tragic, and ultimately uplifting.

Anyone want my copy?

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  1. It sounds...well, like I might appreciate reading it. I'm still a couple of books behind though, so if someone else wants it first, I will wait.