Monday, November 30, 2009

Baby Catcher: Chronicles of a Modern Midwife (memoir)

Baby Catcher: Chronicles of a Modern Midwife by Peggy Vincent: Yup, it's another midwife's memoir. I just can't get enough of this stuff. I swear, if I were younger, braver . . . would I love to catch babies. As it is, I'll settle for reading the real-life accounts of midwives.

I'm pretty sure every single birth story in this book had me crying. There's something so universal about the birth experience . . . and yet each is utterly unique and gorgeous in its own way.

And of course I am partial to the home birth experience. It's hard for me to imagine anyone reading a book like this and not wanting to bring forth new life in the sweet comfort of their own home.

I'm happy to pass this gem along to anyone who wants it.

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