Saturday, August 8, 2009

Karina Has Down Syndrome (non-fiction)

Karina Has Down Syndrome by Cheryl Rogers and Gun Dolva: I will say right off the bat that this book was a huge disappointment. I am still trying to figure out why it cost me $25+. I was expecting a pretty substantial hardcover memoir for that, but in reality it's a very thin paperback, just over 100 pages, that I finished in a couple of hours (I guess I should have paid more attention to the product description on Amazon).

I was initially intrigued by the book because an excerpt I read online indicated that Karina, the child with Down syndrome who is the subject of the book, was born at home two weeks before her due date. Since this was how Finn's life began exactly, I felt destined to read this book. While there are parts of the account that are moving, and I could certainly relate to some of the mother's expressed anguish, for the most part the book reads like a report or article - it all seems pretty detached although it is the mother's personal account. The book covers Karina's first six years - in just over 100 pages! - and it was only after I started reading that I realized she was born in 1990, so I had to keep reminding myself that so much has changed in the last almost 20 years for children born with Down syndrome.

So, did I do a good job of selling you on this book?! It's up for grabs if anyone wants it. And just think, it'll save you 25 bucks!


  1. Hey, I'd love to read it!

    And I've got a few to give away too...I'll post on here soon. But for now, my husband has my dinnner ready. Like a good man should. :)

  2. I'll get it in the mail to you probably Monday, Jen. And yay for a husband who cooks!

  3. I'd read it too, if only to say that I got such a bargain. Thanks for taking one for the team, Lisa.

    And another yay for men who know their way around a kitchen!