Sunday, August 9, 2009


Anyone done this? Books on tape or CD or MP3 or whatever? I never have, but I'm seriously considering it. Mainly because my book club has chosen Twilight as an upcoming selection, and it's a book I've been resistant to forever. I had hoped to never have to read it (that, along with Harry Potter). I'm wondering if it might be easier to listen to it than to actually read it. Thoughts, opinions?


  1. I listen to audiobooks constantly when I'm doing housework or other monotomous jobs. I love it because it keeps me motivated. I download them free from my local libray website. The use a system called overdrive. You can look at your local library website or go to
    Most books are quite easy to listen to, but I find the classics or some of the "deeper" intellectual material is not really suited to listening--the type of book that you really have to study, you know?

  2. I bet Twilight would be a good audiobook. They're fun, light reads - not a lot of substance, but entertaining.