Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Road

I thought it would be fun to read all the Pulitzer Prize winners from the past decade or so this year. Of course, The Road by Cormac McCarthy is anything but fun.

It's a bleak portray of survival during some undefined post-apocalyptic time. A study in "what it means to be human". A father and his son trying to make it day by day when all around them are murdering gangs and cannibalism. A Mad Max movie without a heroic Mel Gibson character.

Survival and humanity in and of itself is heroic, I suppose. Giving to others even when you have nothing.

Definitely thought-provoking and moving. Some find the triumph of humanity against all odds uplifting, but honestly I though the book was depressing. I just don't think humans will survive when everything is dead in the world. Still, I recommend it, just keep in mind the story's bleakness.

This one's on my Kindle, so just offering up a review!

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  1. Hmmmm. I have this book, as yet unread. Not sure I'm up for bleak and depressing. Nice review though!