Saturday, September 5, 2009

Twilight (novel)

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer: Let it be said that I only read this (actually, I listened to the audio version on my iPod) because it was chosen for my book club. I had no interest whatsoever in delving into this book/series, maybe merely because it's so incredibly popular, which for some reason makes it a turnoff for me. But, like my friend Jodi has pointed out, I could've voted against this choice for our book club, and I didn't!

So, what did I think of it? Well, I found it to be a pretty well-crafted story. Imaginative. Creative. I am always interested in how an author is able to develop characters and plot, and I think Ms. Meyer did a fine job here. However, the story itself didn't really appeal to me. This book and the entire series was written for teenagers, and in fact is located in the teenager/young adult section of the book store. And I can definitely see the appeal to the mid-teens to mid-twenties set. But I really don't understand the huge appeal it seems to have for older adults! Maybe it's just me - I personally have no desire to relive my high school years.

I'm not a fan of romance literature, and this has plenty of sticky, gooey romance in it. Ick. Also, the whole damsel-in-distress aspect of the story infuriated me at times. And I think the relationship between the two main characters is illustrative of a wholly unhealthy male-female relationship - one in which the female is weak and silly and ready and willing to throw her entire life away on the first guy who comes along at the tender age of 17 (hmmmm, maybe I have such strong feelings about this because it reminds me of my own youthful folly that ultimately ended disastrously), and the male is dominating, manipulative, and controlling. But, as in a lot of romance stories, it's played off here as something we should all want: true love. Blah. I believe in true love, certainly, but not like this.

The story was interesting enough to keep me listening to the end, and the climax scene was suspenseful, but I don't think I'll be reading the rest of the series.


  1. I listened to it as well and could never really get into it. I didn't care much for the movie either. You're right, too much gooey romance and I couldn't stand the angst and tension surrounding the main character and the vampire. I usually like teen lit though.

  2. Before reading your review, I was curious about the book, not curious enough to order it from Amazon, but potentially curious to read it if anyone had thought to give it to me for my birthday. Now, I'm just as glad they didn't. I'm not a vampire person anyway.